Leon's Journey

Leon's yoga story started 20 years ago, his first practice was with Billy Doyle (BWY), since then yoga remained his lifelong passion. 


Involved in martial arts from a very early age, Leon has always been intrigued by the possibilities and potential of the body, this interest led him on a journey to study many forms of physical culture; from boxing to capoeira; he became a qualified sports massage therapist in 1999.


Over the years he undertook Ashtanga teacher trainings with David Swenson (primary and second series), David Kyle (Ashtanga Puerto Rico), and Jamie and Dulce (the yoga people), and is a certified 'animal flow' teacher, as well as a Hot Yoga teacher.



Yoga is an all encompassing system that works with both body and mind. Private yoga sessions are tailored foreach student and aim to strengthen, lengthen create a balance between dtrength andflexibility, while at the same time  There are numerous benefits including stress relief, body awareness, flexibility, breathing techniques, etc. 


The kettlebell allows us to train through all the planes of movement, create flow and endurance, or just simple strength training. Circular movement patterns play a large part of kettlebells and they are great for spicing up cardio training.


Boxing uniquely uses aerobic and anaerobic aspects, as well as explosive strength, hand eye coordination, speed and agility. It empowers, creates discipline, focus and determination.

Functional Fitness

 Functional fitness is training that allows us to live in a better fitter and stronger body ready to face life’s physical challenges.Sessions typically involve kettlebells, battling ropes, Bulgarian bags, calisthenics, yoga, Olympic style weight lifting and animal flow.

Indian Clubs

The Unique circular movements with the clubs create mobility in the thoracic area, chest opening and 360 rotational strength in the shoulder girdle, which is often neglected leading to imbalances.