Yoga Teacher & Fitness and Movement Coach

Leon London teaches a unique style of Rocket and Ashtanga (Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga). Leon’s yoga classes are a challenging and fun flow, lots of arm balances and inversions.

Leon has over 20 years of experience in yoga, as well as training in various arts such as functional fitness, animal flow, capoeira, kettlebells, Indian clubs, callisthenics and boxing.

He teaches in London's best studios and runs yoga retreats in Europe and beyond. Leon offers private sessions as well (one-to-one or group).

Welcome to the site, please feel free to contact him with any queries you may have.

Namaste 🕉

(+44) 07539-825409

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Private Sessions

Yoga and Functional Training

Privates allow for personalization of your training program.

They are great for those who want to deepen their practice, work on certain elements, or those with injuries.

using one or a combination of techniques to keep you challenged, you will reach your goals and maintain balance in your tailored program.

 For Private Classes Contact for times/days

Rocket Classes

Online and Studio Classes

Wed.| 6:00pm | Rocket | Indaba & Sira Yoga*

Thurs.| 2:30pm | Rocket Yoga | Indaba

Fri.|10:00am | Rocket | Indaba & Sira Yoga*

Sat.|11:00am | Rocket Yoga | Indaba

*Sira Yoga Studio is in Jerusalem (Ben Sira 5)


Upcoming Workshops and Retreats


4 Rocket Worshops @SIRA YOGA Jerusalem

ROCKET WORKSHOP SERIES: Handstands, Arm balances, Backbends, and Masterclass!


50HR Rocket TT 

21-26th August, 2021    JERUSALEM


4 Indaba Zoom Workshops

All Details at the Indaba Website!


Goa Retreat

15-21th Febuary, 2022 

Little Cove Resort. Goa


London Rocket TTs 

-50h Rocket TTC (Level 2)
19-20-21 March online & 2-3-4 April online or in-person according to your choice.

- 50h Rocket TTC (Level 1)
25 - 30 May in-person or online according to your choice.

50h Rocket TTC (Level 2)
21 - 26 September (in-person)